Isnin, 19 Disember 2011

5 kAta MutiAra mUamaaR gaDDafi

Gaddafi on drugs:
Stop taking drugs. They’re not good for you, for your heart. Don’t destroy the country… Shame on you, you gangsters. Surrender, give up all weapons, or they’ll have massacres, drugged kids with machine guns… tonight and tomorrow, youth, all of you, not those who are rats on drugs–form committees for security.
Gaddafi on Waco
Armed rebellion is another matter… We won’t allow it. Unarmed incidents in Waco were dealt with by force… The Davidian cults in Waco were dealt with by armed vehicles.
Gaddafi on electricity
Were it not for electricity, we would have to watch our televisions in the dark.
Gaddafi on Facebook
I’m not such a dictator that I’ll shut down Facebook. I’ll just imprison anyone who dares log in to it.
Gaddafi on Gaddafi (curiously, in the third person)
Qaddafi has no rule if he’s not the president, he’s leader of a revolution, he has nothing to lose… We left the regime to the Libyan people. We don’t have any authority.

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